A new way to get the job done

Finding high quality tradies has never been easier. Our App will streamline the process of looking for the right tradie for the right job. Using reviews and business information to keep only the best tradies available on the website. Cut out the rest and keep the best.

What makes Buca Different?

A better way to Promote Trades Services

Buca is an industry-backed solution brought forward by trades/construction industry leaders. Based on over 20 years of industry experience, the solution offers a new alternative to the pitfalls of other trades service delivery solutions.

The team is busy developing the Buca platform bit by bit and is super excited to get our unique solution in the hands of Trades providers and Consumers as soon as humanly possible. Our design and development approach to this platform is completely unlike any other service delivery solution out there. We are taking the extra mile to build a comprehensive solution that will offer unique value and be highly sought after. 

Interested in joining the development team at Buca?

We are looking to extend opportunities to motivated individuals wanting to jump on board a startup and join our South Melbourne team of talented developers. We are working with .net Core, bleeding-edge angular and Elastic to build a rich and sophisticated search engine based platform.  

Do you possess any of the following?

  • A drive for professional development
  • Knowledge of software engineering principles 
  • Knowledge of algorithms and data structures 
  • Mad skills with C#
  • Experience in .net Core
  • Experience in Entity Framework
  • Experience in working with Microservices
  • Experience working on a startup platform
  • Mad skills in Web-based programming languages (JS, TS)
  • Experience with Angular
  • Mad skills with Databases (SQL, MySQL)

We are looking for developers with experience in

  • Working with Search Engines e.g Elastic
  • Working with Business Information Systems
  • Cybersecurity
  • Software Development/Engineering
  • Web/API Development
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cloud Computing and networking

Experience in working with Search Engines is a plus.

If you fit the criteria above and you are an Australian Citizen we look forward to hearing from you.


Some of the Technology we are using

Want to learn more about this project and get involved? Get in touch with us today.

Join us in changing the way tradies are connecting to clients. Together let’s fix the issues of the industry and lead the way to change for good using the latest technology in ways no current industry leading is using.